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Old Memories.

Back in junior high, I had this crush on a girl (::gasp:: a girl) named Lisa (name changed).  I wasn’t really sexually aroused by her; it was more of a fascination thing.  She was really skinny, had a cute voice, and played volleyball and soccer.  She was more butch than me.

Today I thought about her and wondered what it would be like to be in a relationship with her.  I guess in a heterosexual relationship, I’m supposed to be the dominant, protective one.  If I worked out and developed some muscles, I can perhaps pull off that part.

I further delved into this hypothetical scenario.

I imagined going panty shopping with her at Victoria’s Secret.  I’m definitely not a fan of lace or anything frilly.  (And before anyone asks, no, I have no inclination to try on women’s underwear or lingerie.)

But could I truly love a female?

Maybe.  But as of now, it’s really just a fantasy I want to play out to be normal and accepted in society and church.

I’d be happier with a man, but I still have this nagging feeling that homosexual relationships are against God’s word.

But what female would want to be with a guy who’s attracted to other guys?


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